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Electronic File Preparation

Most common mistakes/problems in supplied electronic files

Survey by Seybold Seminars and MediaLive International Research - 2003

1,200 printers surveyed in America and Europe stated that over 50% of files transmitted to their prepress department had one or more of the following problems that slowed the prepress process.

  • Fonts missing
  • Resolution issues on images (too low)
  • Wrong colour space (RGB/PMS instead of CMYK)
  • Problems with transparency
  • Inadequate bleed
  • Wrong size
  • Images missing
  • File does not correspond to printout supplied

A final check of your electronic file for the issues listed above will assure an efficient turnaround.

Tool Kit

PDI's tool box has been designed to help guide clients through a smooth workflow for all their print projects. PDI provides a repertory of print references and tools that demystify file preparation and transfers, colour approvals, print specifications, paper selection and more.

Download our complimentary print tool kit here

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