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Press Approval

How to prepare

  • Take an experienced person with you if this is your first press check.
  • Wear comfortable footwear.
  • Designer black clothing may not be a wise choice that day as the white spray powder inherent in the print process will seek you out.
  • If your client is also present at press, agree in advance on what each person's role will be so that you do not give mixed signals to the pressman.
  • If you want the printer to match a piece previously printed at another supplier, this reference must be supplied to prepress before work is started. Do not pull it out as a surprise once the make ready has already been done.
  • Let the printer know if there is a form or an image that is crucial to your project. Make sure to start with that form in order to set the standard for the balance of the print job.

How to proceed

  • Relax, remember to breathe!
  • Rest your eyes occasionally or everything will start to blur together.
  • Tell the printer what changes you want made and let him decide how best to achieve the desired effect.
  • Don't be shy to ask questions.
  • If you are setting a standard for the balance of the print project, let your printer know. They will make sure your signed sheet is kept for future reference on the forms yet to be printed.
  • Do not experiment on press, it gets expensive. You should be making minor adjustments versus major moves.
  • Sign, date and indicate time of final sheet you okay. Ask for copies of the sign off sheet to bring back to the office.

Press okay checklist

  • Are you viewing press sheets in correct lighting (5,000K)?
  • Is the printer using the correct paper?
  • Are all images and type on press sheet?
  • Don't be shy to ask questions.
  • Are all elements in register?
  • Do four colour and PMS colors match on crossovers?
  • Do PMS colours match target (up-to-date PMS book or approved ink draw down)?
  • Is the type crisp and unbroken?
  • Are images free of hickeys, picking, roller marks, mottling, ghosting, scumming?
  • Is the type crisp and unbroken?

Tool Kit

PDI's tool box has been designed to help guide clients through a smooth workflow for all their print projects. PDI provides a repertory of print references and tools that demystify file preparation and transfers, colour approvals, print specifications, paper selection and more.

Download our complimentary print tool kit here

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